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Rencana penataan lanskap gunung kapur cibadak untuk ekowisata di kecamatan Ciampea kabupaten Bogor

Ecotourism is a nature-based tourism that is ecologically sustainable and is based on relatively undisturb natural areas, is non-damaging and non degrading, contibues directly to the continued protection and management of protected areas, and is subject to an adequate and appropriate management regime. It also as a responsible travel to nature area which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people. It must be consistent with a positive environmental ethic, fostering preferred behavior, there is no erosion of resource integrity. Because ecotourism is a form of tourism, the ecotourist should meet the demand-site criteria that are normally used by World Tourist Organization to define and differentiate tourist in general. Therefore Planning of Gunung Kapur Cibadak (GKC) must be done to identify, describe, and analyze the ecological aspects of the landscape and also to find the improvements by having its landscape plan based on ecotourism. The method was used in this study is modification of Planning and Desain method by Gold (1980) which has 4 steps; 1. Inventarisation. 2. Analysis. 3. Sinthesis. 4. Planning Proccess. It was found that GKC is geologycally landform of calcareous-sediment in Ciampea area. With an appropriate conservation will sustain its existing. Zonation proccess was based on its ecology. To be long life result of the planning should be supported by local government and all elements of the landscape include local people

Evaluasi kualitas estetika lanskap Kota Bogor (Evaluation of landskap aesthetic quality of Bogor city)

Bogor city has many visual aesthetic resourses should be evaluated to improve the urban landscape quality- Purpose of this research is to evaluate landscape aesthetic quality of Bogor city. There were 46 vantage points represented landscape of Bogor city. Those landscapes were groupped infosix type of landscape, they were landscapes of settlements, office complex areas, streetscape corridors, recreation areas. Central Business District (CBD) areas, and riverbank corridors. The types of landscape were evaluated using method of Scenic Beauty Estimation (SBE). The best aesthetic quality of the landscape type is recreation areas, and the worst is CBD areas. The most important etiment that increases the landscape aesthetic quality is trees stand The recreation areas showed abundant trees stand In contrary, existence of unmaintaning and disorder buddings as an element in the urban landscape can reduce the aesthetic quality such as CBD areas. Therefore, trees stand and buildings appearance should be considered in developing urban landscape to achieve the best landscape aesthetic quality.



kuliner bandung

Kota Bandung menjadi kota kuliner kali ini banyak sekali makanan khas yang sekarang menjamur diĀ  kota Bandung. Salah satu makanan khasnya kali ini adalah brownis, risol, surabi dan masih banyak lagi.

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